How can I get an appointment for the salon?


Last Update 3 years ago

1- Search

After logging in via the Krembi mobile app or website, you can easily select the service you want to receive from the search section or the quick menu.

2- list

On the listing page, choose the one you want according to the profile and price of the salon you want to receive service.

3- Get a Service

  • After selecting the service you want to buy, click the "Make an Appointment to the Salon" button Image 1
  • Click the "Confirm and finish" button after selecting the date, time and staff Image 1
  • Finally, choose your preferred payment method from the payment screen and complete the transaction. The appointment confirmation to the salon will be answered within 20 minutes at the latest. In order to follow the appointment process for the salon, you can check the "Pending Approval" tab from the "My Appointments" menu. 

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