Will I be asked by the service provider for an extra payment after the service?


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All service providers on Krembi go through a detailed approval process. But how?

Step 1 - One-on-one physical meeting;

We arrange a meeting with the beauty experts who provide salon and freelance services by visiting them personally. We try to understand their way of doing business, hygiene culture and behavior.

Step 2 - ID Authentication Process;

Salon and beauticians who provide freelance services on Krembi Mobile Application or website complete their credentials both digitally and physically with a copy of their ID with a double verification process.

Step 3 - Company and Official Documents

Companies or freelancers submit their official documents and company documents to Krembi.

Step 4 - Contract

Beauty professionals who provide salon and freelance services are obliged to submit the detailed partner (member workplace) contract with wet signature to Krembi. The general lines of the contract are as follows; business conduct, responsibilities to customers, courtesy and courtesy boards, service quality adequacy and implementation, and security policies.

Our priority is your safety. In time, you will see that we are very serious and work hard on this issue.

No! You pay only for the service you receive on Krembi. During or after the service procurement, no extra payment can be requested by the service provider. If so, you can inform us immediately through our live chat, WhatsApp or Telegram accounts on the mobile application or website. You can be sure that we will take care of it instantly. If you wish, you can reach us from our call center.

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